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Oxford Technical Solutions

OxTS designs and manufactures world leading products combining the best of Inertial Navigation and GPS/GNSS. We focus on low-cost INS using MEMS gyros and precision accelerometers. Our Kalman filter extracts the maximum information from GPS to deliver high accuracy measurements and low drift rates. We are a small company dedicated to designing simple to use products that deliver reliable results and we back it up with first class service and support.

We have been happily based here at the Cherwell Innovation Centre for over 12 years. During that time we have seen a lot of changes both within our company and within the centre, but the high standard of service and value for money has been unfaltering.

We have received a high level of support in an environment that has really allowed our business to grow and flourish. The team are always very accommodating to suit our expansion and our ever changing needs.

It’s great to know that there is a friendly team as a first point of contact for visitors and having the efficient reception team there to receive our deliveries and post is a weight off our minds. We get great utilities services and internet access without ever having the worry of annual renewals or price comparisons. All this is invaluable as it means we are free to focus on our ever growing company and the values we pride ourselves on.

We would highly recommend the services for any start-up company looking for a great place to begin their journey, and indeed expand through the years as we have.